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Album View Searching

Post by harmonyjimn »

This comes from my post (re:Artist view) which I made on October 12, 2014 and which you turned into a feature request.

In Album view, when I search for an artist, I've discovered that only the album artist field is looked at. This means that all of the compilation albums, on which the artist appears, will not be returned in the search. I could fill the album artist field for the artist's compilation track with the artist's name, but that that would produce a lot of extraneous album covers in Album view.

So, would it be possible to extend the search to look in the artist field, if the album artist field is blank?

Another idea, might be to include a search button (with options to search in any field or all fields, for the entered keywords?

I know I can produce the albums for each artist, in Artist view, if you complete my first feature request, but this second request provides much more flexibility in using you product.

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Re: Album View Searching

Post by bizmodeller »

I think the 'Search' button may be the way to go. We maintain a cache of albums / artists external to iTunes for performance reasons and it may not be that easy to modify the index to support Artist and AlbumArtist fields. Will need to take a deeper look.

The Search button sounds like a more flexible way of achieving this. Leave this with me too and I'll look into it.
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