multiple genre tags

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multiple genre tags

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I'm still working on getting my elderly mother a better classical music experience.

If (like Squeezebox) you supported multiple tags in particularly the genre field - and maybe others too, that would be a handy workaround for the missing tags fields of "composer", "work" etc that I accept are a niche classical request.

I could them for example, populate the genre tag with something like:

opera ; [conductor name] ; [soloist name]

to allow her to ask for music of the "genre" [conductor name]. Multiple tags is handy for other music too. I have music that I tag as both "folk" and "folk-rock" for example. I like it that way!

multiple tags might allow me to add an abbreviated CD title too. Classical CDs often have very lengthy titles that probably are unreliable by voice command, and being able to add a second tag somewhere to just call it "Bob" or whatever we like might help.
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