Include (private or local) Audiostreams/Radiostations

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Include (private or local) Audiostreams/Radiostations

Post by Andor69 »

your tool is great and up to now the most easy way to access your local media from alexa. Thank you very much!

One feature i would like to see (besides an easy way to multiroom-audio):
Is it possible to integrate Playlists, that contain the address to Musicstreams? (In my case: local streams from an icecast2 server.)
With this feature it would be possible to access (internet-) radiostreams that are not listed on tuneIn etc.! Besides that, I could have something like non-synchronized multiroom-audio with this feature, if I listen on multiple devices to the same stream.)

I found no way to access streams with your tool or any other skill.
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Re: Include (private or local) Audiostreams/Radiostations

Post by bizmodeller »

This should already be possible, at least with later versions of My Media - since although it will depend on the format of the web stream.

In the playlist tab, there should be a button called 'Create Web Stream'. This can take an http address for a custom radio web stream / ice cast stream.
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