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I have added a watch folder containg just my collection of audio books in mp3 format. My media console is finding the folder and and the files but when I ask alexa to read a book she can't find it. I have another watch folder with music and it's working fine. Am I doing something wrong.

Is there a guide for adding audio books.

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Re: Audiobooks

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What do you have set for the 'genre' attribute of these mp3 files? I find that if it is set to "AudioBook" then mymedia correctly identifies an 'album' as being a book. If not then you have to explicitly go into the albums section of the MyMedia WebUI to set it so that an album is treated as an audiobook.

There has been a long standing feature request for you to be able when setting up a watch-folder for you to be able to specify the type of media the watchlist refers to so that you do not have to tag mp3 files explicitly as audiobooks but so far this has not happened. Note that If the audiobook is in m4b format then it seems to automatically be recognised as being an audiobook so if possible i would recommend using this format instead of mp3.
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Re: Audiobooks

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both your assumptions are correct. It will be automatically tagged based on genre ("Audiobook", "Audio book", "Comedy", "Radio Drama") or if the extension is m4b. If anyone has a more reliably way of detecting audio books (there seems to be no standard) then please let us know! Watch Folder auto genre-ing is still planned though.
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