Does iHomeServer/iTunes support jpg's or tiff's?

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Does iHomeServer/iTunes support jpg's or tiff's?

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This is probably a dumb question, but here it is anyways.

I would like to put my family photo album of .jpg's on my server to view anywhere in the house, but in searching the iHomeServer documentation it appears that .jpg's and .tiff's are not supported. Is the true? If this is the case, can I use iHomeServer to show slide shows? How?
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Re: Does iHomeServer/iTunes support jpg's or tiff's?

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If you're using an Apple TV to stream your photos, then this is still possible with iHomeServer running. You have to configure your iTunes Library Photo Stream whilst running iTunes manually on your desktop (File / Home Sharing / Choose Photos to Share with Apple TV). When you restart iTunes under iHomeServer control then the photo streaming will be available to your Apple TV.

iTunes only tends to scan for new photos when you restart iTunes and unfortunately, you cannot monitor your photo folders with Watch Folders (limitation of the iTunes API we use). A workaround is to tell iHomeServer to restart iTunes every day (see ... es_tab.htm) and then your photos will get refreshed daily.

If your question was referring to iHomeServer's web access feature or DLNA streaming feature then currently this isn't supported, however, we have opened a feature request to add this in the future. You can monitor the status of this request here -
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Re: Does iHomeServer/iTunes support jpg's or tiff's?

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This is a feature that I would like to see too.

At the moment, I have to leave the Media Server running just to serve pictures whiles I have the iHomeServer DLNA Server for Music and Movies. It would be great to have just one DLNA Server on my network!
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