Getting Music to play in iTunes

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Getting Music to play in iTunes

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I am accessing my Music library on my iPhone by using the web browser. Have no trouble getting connected but can't get the music to play in iTunes so it won't shut off when the phone goes to sleep. If I have the music play in the browser the music stops when it goes into sleep mode. In iTunes my music continues to play but can't get that feature to work in the iHomeServer. Is there some config I need to change?
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Re: Getting Music to play in iTunes

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iHomeServer Web unfortunately works within the constraints of the target device it's running on. iOS has always hated running background tasks and this impacts iHomeServer.

If you browse to iHomeServer Web in a normal Safari instance and play a track then the current track should continue to play, even if Safari is in the background or the phone goes to sleep. However, if you have added iHomeServer Web to the Home Screen then iOS doesn't allow home screen Web apps to do anything in the background so the music will stop playing as soon as you switch app or the phone goes to sleep. This behaviour may depend on iOS version and Apple keep changing the way this works.

Depending on your iOS version, some users report that iHomeServer Web will not continue to play the next track in the current playlist if it's running in the background / sleep. In this case, we have found that the latest version of Chrome for iOS, in most cases, allows the full playlist to play end to end.

So in summary:

1. If you are having problems with audio stopping as soon as the phone sleeps / power off, then make sure you are running iHomeServer Web by browsing to your iHomeServer server's URL in Safari (rather than using a home screen icon)


2. If you are having problems with the next track not playing in a playlist, then install Chrome for iOS and see whether that resolves the issue,
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