iTunes 11.2 / iHomeServer 3

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iTunes 11.2 / iHomeServer 3

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Hi, I am running iHomeServer 3 on Windows 2012 R2 Essentials as a service. My iPad and iPhone can see the iTunes library running on the server using home sharing but my Apple TV cannot see it. I am running iHomeServer and iTunes 11.2 running through an Asus RT-AC68U router.
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Re: iTunes 11.2 / iHomeServer 3

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When there are Home Sharing issues the best first step is to test iTunes without iHomeServer by running iTunes interactively from your server's desktop (instead of running it as a service under iHomeServer control). If you continue to have an issue then the issue is likely to be iTunes itself, iTunes firewall or a problem with your network/wifi router config.

In your situation, given that two devices are working and one isn't, I'd suspect the issue is with your router. Are the devices that work plugged into ethernet whilst the Apple TV is on wifi (or vice versa?). If so, then check the router's configuration to see whether it forwards mDNS / multicast packets between it's interfaces.

We have had a variety of routers within our test labs, but have always ended up using dd-wrt firmware which seems to play well with Bonjour, the protocol Apple uses for Home Sharing.
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