Auto-Update Genre changes my settings

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Auto-Update Genre changes my settings

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I have been trying to update my files (home moves) to custom genres. I don't want them all listed as "Home VIdeos". Whether I make the change genre in iHomeServer or in iTunes, the genre is returned to "Home Videos". I have relabeled them multiple times, but they keep changing back.

I am attaching a snippet of the iHomeServer log for review.
I searched the logs and found the following entry:
04/09/2014 22:45:22.682 9188:0 06 Auto-updating Genre to 'Home Videos (was '2012 Home Videos')

It appears that after the change is made, iHomeServer is "Auto-updating" the genre from what I wanted (2012 Home Videos) back to "Home Videos".

I cannot find anywhere in iTunes or iHomeServer that I can turn off this Auto-updating service. It is VERY frustrating. Any ideas on how to get it to leave my custom genre settings alone?

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Re: Auto-Update Genre changes my settings

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Sounds like you have a force genre set on your Watch Folder settings? So if you go back to the root Watch Folder, and click 'Edit' do you have 'Home Movies' set under Force genre?
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