Itunes End User License Issue

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Itunes End User License Issue

Post by JoeMoon »

I just upgraded to iHomeServer v3, and, at the same time, to iTunes 12. When I start iHomeServer, I get a dialog telling me to accept the iTunes End User License Agreement while logged in via Remote Desktop.

Unfortunately, I'd already clicked 'Yes' on the iTunes EULA locally when I installed it. Now I can't get rid of the dialogue. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes, but I didn't get the EULA prompt again. Any suggestions?

(Hmmm... didn't reboot after uninstalling iTunes. I'll give that a try while I wait for other suggestions.)
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Re: Itunes End User License Issue

Post by bizmodeller »

One thing to check is that you are logging in locally as the same user you are running the iHomeServer service under as the EULA needs to be agreed on a per user basis.

If this doesn't help then best to zip and email us your logs and we'll take a look, but the most likely answer is that the user that iHomeServer is configured to run under still needs to agree to the iTunes EULA
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