Ext Program Tab - Macros not expanding?

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Ext Program Tab - Macros not expanding?

Post by ChunkyBits »

On my Ext Programs tab for the post handbrake conversion, I have as follows :

copy [SourceFilePath] C:\temp.backup

However, the command is not executing correctly.
In the log file I am seeing the translated conmmand expanding, but it appears that maybe the pre-translated command is being executed? I think the [ConvertedFilePath] macro is similarly affected. Or am I doing something wrong, and need to configure something else?

09/01/2015 16:01:07.010 1804:0 19 HandbrakeConversionAgent::DoPostProcessing - post processing is defined.
09/01/2015 16:01:07.016 1804:0 19 HandbrakeConversionAgent::DoPostProcessing - Template command line => copy [SourceFilePath] "C:\\temp.backup"
09/01/2015 16:01:07.020 1804:0 19 HandbrakeConversionAgent::DoPostProcessing - Translated command line => copy "C:\2009-05-31 - Crete_001.avi" "C:\temp.backup"
09/01/2015 16:01:07.023 1804:0 19 HandbrakeConversionAgent::DoPostProcessing - Running command START
09/01/2015 16:01:07.026 1804:0 19 ProcessRunner::RunProcess - got command line => copy [SourceFilePath] "C:\temp.mp4"

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Re: Ext Program Tab - Macros not expanding?

Post by bizmodeller »

This should now be fixed in version You can download this (it is listed at the pre-release section at the bottom of the page), here:

http://www.bizmodeller.com/ihomeserver/ ... nload.aspx

please let me know if it resolves the issue, thanks
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