Itunes not seeing files after reinstall

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Itunes not seeing files after reinstall

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I upgraded to iTunes 12.x and immediately iHomeserver was unhappy and was unable to start iTunes.

I uninstalled iTunes 12.x and after to much clearing out (following Apple instructions) I complete removed iTunes. I downloaded the latest iHomeserver and iTunes 11.x. I've installed iTunes and then iHomeserver and all installed without error.

iHomeserver is starting iTunes OK and all the functions seem to be operating correctly, however...

iHomeserver is showing all my files (music and films) in the watch folders, but when I go into iTunes the files are not there. They are showing in the iTunes view within iHomeserver.

I have been able to add a couple of films within iTunes by adding them but iTunes doesn't seem to be able to look into sub-folders and there are way too many to add them individually.

It seems to me that iHomeserver is still thinks it has all the files that the previous iHomeserver version had, but iTunes has a none of them in and iHomeserver is not tell iTunes that the files are there, so I need to get iHomeserver to re-add the files. To try and do this I removed a watch folder then added it again, but this has not worked.

I'm out of ideas and seeking help please.
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Re: Itunes not seeing files after reinstall

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first thing to try is if you go to the Watch Folder view and right-click a file that is not in iTunes and click 'Re-index' does it now appear successfully in iTunes?

If so, then just right-click your top level Watch Folders and select re-index and this will force iHomeServer to try to reindex all the files with iTunes (even if it thinks it has already added them to iTunes).

By the way - please see our blog post about getting iTunes 12.1 working with iHomeServer - ... erver.aspx

best wishes
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