Issue waiting for iTunes to start.

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Issue waiting for iTunes to start.

Post by SteveBP »

when I login to the iHomeServer web page the library tab says "waiting for iTunes to start - please check the status page" However The status page says that itunes is started. I am using Server 2012 R2.

Thanks for any help to get me past this problem.
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Re: Issue waiting for iTunes to start.

Post by bizmodeller »

iTunes 12.2 has changed the way the Library xml file is made available to third party apps such as iHomeServer. On new iTunes installations, by default, iTunes no longer creates the XML file which we use to read the iTunes library. This can be fixed by clicking an option within iTunes preferences.

Please can you manually run iTunes on your computer and under iTunes Preferences on the "Advanced" tab, please check the option to "Share the iTunes Library XML file with other applications". Then you can restart iHomeServer and your iTunes library view will be visible again
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