iTunes Graphics Card Issues

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iTunes Graphics Card Issues

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It is well documented that there is an issue with iTunes running with "Older" graphics cards and the workaround is to install the special version as described here. What I am struggling with though is trying to work out what Graphics cards are supported i.e.. what constitutes a "new" graphics card. I am looking to replacing mine, but I can't seem to find any information.

Is there a specific specification to look for? Is there a list of supported devices?

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Re: iTunes Graphics Card Issues

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I don't think Apple has ever defined this - we have tried to work it out but failed too.

Incidentally, running iHomeServer / iTunes in the background seems to always require the 'old graphics card' version regardless of the actual gfx card in the machine - presumably this is because the iTunes instance is running in a virtual desktop session which doesn't actually bind to your actual graphics card ("Session 0").

Once we work it out (or if anyone else knows what iTunes is looking for), we may be able to trick the non-old-graphics-card version of iTunes into running in the background.
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