Problem with iHomeServer Version

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Problem with iHomeServer Version

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I have iHomeServer installed on my Windows Server 2012R2 Essentials machine. iHomeServer version was running on this platform since Jan 17 2016. Today I was adding some new videos to this server via iTunes when I noticed that iHomeServer was no longer running. A message window pop-up stated the Bizmodeller iHomeServer Service had not started. Restarting this service using the available option on the message window pop-up did not work. I checked running services and did not find the Bizmodeller iHomeServer service at all.

I uninstalled iHomeServer using the Windows Server Dashboard option. I rebooted the Windows Server. I then tried to reinstall iHomeServer. It would not install (a message window pop-up confirmed this). I then tried to install IHomeServer version This version of iHomeServer installed with no problems. I did have to re-enter my credentials to have Bizmodeller iHomeServer service start but the process worked and iHomeServer is now again working.

I installed one optional Windows update since Jan 17 2016, KB3135449. I can not find any information about this update. Did this update cause this problem?
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Re: Problem with iHomeServer Version

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We are not aware of any stability issues with nor any impact of the recent Windows updates. I would be grateful if you could upgrade back to and see if the issue happens again. If it does, please zip and email us a copy of your log files to our support email address - support [at] and we can take a further look.
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