Meta data auto vs. manual

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Meta data auto vs. manual

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I've noticed that when I use autotag for adding metadata I get a different result than when I manually lookup the data via the "edit track metadata" window.

To clarify what I mean by manual: Select a track and then click on "get info" [or right-click and select "get info" from the popup menu] and then use the "Search Web" button to find a match and select the appropriate match which then populates the metadata fields in the "edit track metadata" window.

Two noted field that are different, and are displayed in the iHomeserver console iTunes View: Album and Artist

For instance, if populating fields for The Powerpuff Girls:
Manual - Album:The Powerpuff Girls Artist: Roger L. Jackson, Jeff Benn....etc
Autotag - Album:The Powerpuff Girls Season 1 Artist: The Powerpuff Girls
The Manual method seems to be providing more information, but it is slow of course. The Autotag method populates the Album field with redundant info, Season 1, which is already evident and populated on the video tab of the metadata in the "Series Number" field. The names in the Artist field on the manual method seem to be the "cast" field names which is included on the Video tab also.

I think the names of people probably make more sense for an "Artist" field, rather than populating it with the TV show name. And I don't know what benefit is gained by repeating the season number in the "Album" field. :geek:

And no jokes...Bubbles is awesome!! :lol:
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Re: Meta data auto vs. manual

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thanks for your patience - we're looking into this now....
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