Handbrake Custom Profile

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Handbrake Custom Profile

Post by Geronimoe »

First I would just like to say thanks for this great program and have been using it now for a number of years.
V3 is brilliant and is a fantastic upgrade from V2 with all the new features.
My problem is with Handbrake. I wish to use a custom profile within handbrake so I can limit the cpu usage on my server.
I have made a preset profile within Handbrake but on the Conversion settings within the watch folder my preset does not show up.
Would it be possible for this to be implemented in a future update.

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Re: Handbrake Custom Profile

Post by bizmodeller »

yes - this is already on our wishlist and you can track it here http://bugs.bizmodeller.com/view.php?id=138

Unfortunately it's non trivial as the Handbrake UI stores it's profiles in a separate file which the command line version of Handbrake cannot interpret. So we would have to parse the handbrake UI's settings files and reconstruct the Handbrake command line options - again doable but not trivial. We are looking into this further....

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