FLAC files giving me FLACK!

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FLAC files giving me FLACK!

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Just installed and eventually hit on the right path for My Media to find the NAS files.

The good: works like a champ on MP3 files.

The bad: about 95% of my music files are in FLAC format -- and FFMPEG doesn't seem to be transcoding those files. It's installed as suggested in the directory C:\Program Files\MyMediaForAlexa\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe
ReplayGain is turned off, and I've tried several different transcoding bitrates with no difference.

The message I get whenever I try to play a FLAC file:
7/19/2020, 1:47:55 PM
Alexa reported an error streaming the track Like A Rolling Stone - MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN. If this happens on every track, please check your computer firewall settings or review our FAQ.

Your Alexa device reported an error streaming the current track (Y:\Bob Dylan\Highway 61 Revisited\01. Like A Rolling Stone.flac).

The error code was: MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN
The detailed message was: Device playback error.
It isn't likely to be a firewall problem, because the MP3 files are playing fine. I did notice that this is a fairly new version (4.3) of FFMPEG. Possible that something broke with this update?

Any help would be appreciated!
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