mymedia cuts out at specific times

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mymedia cuts out at specific times

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Hi everyone, i got a weird issue that i need help with

I installed Mymedia for Alexa on my Truenas Scale server and set it up with Alexa and for the first 7 day trial it's been running fine and i'm loving the ease of use, i then purchased an upgrade and ever since i have a strange issue.

At around 7/8/9 every evening Mymedia cuts off and says "your my media server is not connected" and it takes me about 2 restarts of the server to get it up and running again and so far it goes down again after a few minutes, again telling me it ain't connected and again it takes a few restarts for it to come back, sometimes works ok for 20/30 minutes before it goes again. I'm normally in bed at 10pm doing meditation and then sleeping so no idea what happens to the server after that point but once i wake at 7am and i ask it for relaxation music it will start fine and throughout the day plays as normal.

Just once it hits 7/8/9 sometime in the evening it just drops and then i have to get it to restart a few times to be able to listen to music before i get frustrated and give up. It's only happening on the evening and every other time it works completely fine.

Little odd but what causes the issue?

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