Playlist Restoration after software re-install

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Playlist Restoration after software re-install

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I have a Raspberry Pi running My Media for Alexa. After a failed update on the Pi. I was forced to reinstall my OS. This required the reinstallation of My Media. All went well. My Media is up and running again. It can see the secondary drive containing my music.

~/.MyMediaForAlexa $ contains my Playlists files ServerPlaylists.xml.

The ServerPlaylists.xml was restored from my backups and placed into the ~/.MyMediaForAlexa/ directory.

After this I was able to see my play lists in the web interface with the correct number of songs listed.

BUT after trying to get Alex to play the lists, they will not play. Alex said that the playlists were not available.
SECONDLY looking at the web interface the play lists now show Zero songs in all of the play lists.

How to I restore my ServerPlaylists.xml?
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