web password issue

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web password issue

Post by qwerk » Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:50 pm

HI, I am using version on windows 65 bit.
today I wanted to password protect my webinterface.
When you turn it on. it uses admin/admin.
when you change the password, it is only asked once ( no checks) and it is directly used.
When you made a typo , which you can't remember, you cant get in anymore.
I stopped the service, changed the preferences.xml to require password = false .
But after starting the service, and going to the web page. I can not change the password. I first have to turn on "use password" but hen I have to relogin, with a password I don't know. !
So now I cannot use the password feature....

please make type my password twice, to be sure there are no typos when setting it.
Please make it possible to change the password before activating, to use it.
please provide a way to normally reset it. by email , or on local console.

thanks in advance.
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Re: web password issue

Post by bizmodeller » Tue Dec 18, 2018 7:37 pm

Fair point - we'll add the double confirmation, this is a bug.

To reset the password, stop the service, remove the whole line <PasswordHash>.... </PasswordHash> from Preferences.xml and then restart the service. Then next time you enable the password, you'll be able to set the password to what you choose.
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