My Media for Alexa - Not Updating New Playlists Added To iTunes

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My Media for Alexa - Not Updating New Playlists Added To iTunes

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So far, so good. I like the product, having fun with my brand new Alexa and a few new $20 light bulbs.

Bought a one-year subscription yesterday and seems to have been easy to install and far so good.

I notice one thing this morning: I have added new playlists late last night to iTunes from stored MP3 files. I now have over 2200 songs in my library. But it says only 1800 in My Media for Alexa. Those were the original 1800 the very first time it indexed. It got all of them....but where are the new ones added later?

So, the question is: how does My Media index? I have read the post on "How To Index" and BOTH methods are activated. Should there be only one method? Does it take more time to index? I have had the My Media for Alexa for only about 24 hours. Does it update automatically weekly? If I change the name of a Playlist in iTunes, does My Media for Alexa capture that in a new index?

One other note: I had a few startup problems getting Alexa to play some my playlists.....seems like there are a few that are too difficult for her to start....for example, she will play a playlist called "Mozart" (a compilation of 4 symphonies in one playlist).....but not aone called "Mozart-Requiem Mass" (a separate playlist on it's own). Could it be the hyphen in the playlist causes her trouble to understand? Hmmm...

Well done, so far it's good!


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