Export playcounts to MediaMonkey

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Export playcounts to MediaMonkey

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This isn't a feature request as such, although it would be nice to have it integrated.

One of the big barriers to me adopting mymedia was the lack of ability to export the play data to Mediamonkey, as I use it to generate playlists based on what music I listen to. So I cobbled together a small tool over the weekend which reads the log file and adds the play data (playcount and last play date) to the Mediamonkey database.

The link at the end of this post is to a google drive folder which will allow you to download the app files. Then run the setup. Once its installed you need to download the mymedia log file from the messages page, then extract the files using the windows extractor or winzip or whatever. Then go back to the messages page and clear the messages. Then run the mymediaimporter app and just drag and drop the log file into window. The app will then run through your mediamonkey database and the log file and adjust your playcounts etc accordingly.

It might take a little while. It does on my machine, but then I have a very large collection of MP3s, but there's a progress count of how far its got so you can see its working. I'm working on optimisation. Because the mymedia log will record multiple plays of a file if you've paused, stopped, or skipped a track, the app will only record one play in a row of each file. For me this is okay because I rarely listen to the same track more than once in a row, however if you do do this only one playcount will be recorded.

Also, I haven't tested this on any system other than my own, so if it doesn't work please let me know. If your mediamonkey database is precious please back it up before running the app because I can't be responsible for loss of data, however it worked fine on my system.

Here's the link:

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

Any feedback welcome.
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Re: Export playcounts to MediaMonkey

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Awesome :) thanks for sharing :D
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