Ebook Listing/Section

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Ebook Listing/Section

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It would be really nice if there was a separate main menu option on the main (left) menu for Audiobooks.
Rather like Albums, but just listed the audiobooks.

Too easy to forget which audiobooks you have available.


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Re: Ebook Listing/Section

Post by Srandall »

I have just yesterday set this up on a Pi for my daughter, who is blazing through Audible credits very fast. we have access to lots of MP3-based audiobooks from a local library so thought I'd give it a try.

An audiobooks list would be very handy. Also, She has an Echo Show; is there anything to be done so she could physically tap on the book she wanted to play from a list?
I also read the post about having a default play list when My Media is invoked: could the option also be to resume the last audiobook, perhaps? or resume the last thing based on device ID? So far we don't need to use it for other music than just her audiobooks, but it is a fantastic tool so if we don't inconvenience her by adding more of our own family things then who knows!

First steps I have taken are to have set up My Media and paid for a license, I started with a 32 GB card in a Pi Zero W which I have stuck behind our TV), and installed samba so I can drop folders in conveniently from windows.

is there a URL I can call to trigger a folder rescan?
And is there anything else I need to know about audiobooks, other than using M4b or ensuring they're tagged with a proper Genre ID3?
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