Start "My Media for Alexa" on startup

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Start "My Media for Alexa" on startup

Post by chrisbashton »

Would be great if there was a Setting where we can opt into having My Media for Alexa starting up when you turn your computer on. (Plex offers this feature)
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Re: Start "My Media for Alexa" on startup

Post by bizmodeller »

This is already the default behaviour on all platforms Windows/Mac/Linux/Pi.

For Windows, My Media automatically installs as a Windows Service and launches at startup. On Mac/Linux/Pi, they install as daemon/services too.

The web interface does *not* need to be open to use My Media.

Note that it can take some time to start up - we purposefully let My Media start up as one of the last services on Windows to not slow up boot time - so it may take 5 or so minutes after boot before it's available. But it will definitely start without opening the web UI.
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