Two things, one critical, one wishlist

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Two things, one critical, one wishlist

Post by TehErk »

I've been tagging all of my music with multiple artists in the "correct" manner by the format "artist1 / artist2". MyMedia doesn't split those artists into different listings. For example if I have Eric Clapton / Santana as an entry it shows this song only under Eric Clapton / Santana instead of splitting that into its separate artists. This breaks the randomization for a particular artist, meaning that if I tell it to play Eric Clapton the above mentioned track would not play as it believes that the artist is "Eric Clapton / Santana". Can you fix this?

The wish would be the ability to exclude folders in the watch folders setup. My music directory has some directories in it that I really don't want to the watch list and it's annoying having to put each individual folder as a separate listing.

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Re: Two things, one critical, one wishlist

Post by bizmodeller »

We've had similar requests for artist splitting - we're looking into this.

Re the excluding folders, we've implemented this and is available for pre-release. See this post for more info viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4069
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