Use Albumartist tag

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Use Albumartist tag

Post by cheapskate »


The following would be nice:

if albumartist tag exists
index by albumartist
index by artist

AFAIK, this is how Squeezebox Server (aka Logitech Media Server) and Plex seem to work.
There can be all sorts of valid info in the Artist tag, but sorting by it can fragment an album.
I feel happy to overwrite Albumartist to get the sorting to work out how I want, but I don't want to overwrite what the ripper has put in Artist.

FYI, I love:
- how tiny it is
- the Heard/Found window.
- the Override feature

Many thanks!
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Re: Use Albumartist tag

Post by bizmodeller »

Sorry for the belated reply and thanks for the ideas....

Ironically, what you suggest is the opposite of what we do .... we have

if trackartist exists
index by trackartist
index by albumartist

i.e. we take the track artist in preference to the album artist

We should probably index both fields and be done with it.....
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