Browsing / Playlist improvement

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Browsing / Playlist improvement

Post by Duggie264 »

1. Would it be possible to either;

Add page select/jump to top of browsing page


automatically jump to top of page on page change?

I was paging through my albums (200 tracks per age) and every time I changed page, it remained at the bottom, meaning I had to scroll to top, browse down then select next page. This would mean that I could either browse up the page the switch page or on switch page browse down and switch again

2. When selecting multiple tracks from multiple pages to add to a playlist, only the tracks from the current page are added to playlist. I only found this out after 46 pages, so a little annoyed lol. Could you add ability to add ALL selected tracks from multiple pages to playlist?


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Re: Browsing / Playlist improvement

Post by bizmodeller »

Just to confirm - this is on the 'Songs' page rather than the Album page yes?
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