Support for Alexa Routines

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Support for Alexa Routines

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I'd like MyMedia to show up as a 'provider' under the Music tab for Routines so that when I say eg "Alexa Goodnight" it will play a relaxation guided meditation from my NAS drive. This will be so much easier and more mood setting than asking 'Alexa, ask MyMedia to play relaxation xx from album xx'
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Re: Support for Alexa Routines

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Old post but adding for info. Hopefully you've already discovered this.

Unfortunately I think to show up as a "provider", Amazon has to recognise and approve the app so that it can also be used without the "...ask My Media to..." part of the command as well. Unfortunately I don't think that's likely to happen with such a small user base (compared to something like Spotify).

Handily though there is a way to do this. Create your routine as normal and add an action. Select "Customised" and then just type the command you would say to Alexa. For example "Ask My Media to play songs by ...". When you trigger the routine, the songs should then start playing from My Media.
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