Playlists on Echo Show and other requests.

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Playlists on Echo Show and other requests.

Post by smokey »

I have a couple of requests.
Currently I can say "Alexa, show me my playlists" and on my Echo Show screen I get all my playlists which I can scroll through left to right and then select the play list I want to listen to.
Is there a chance that this maybe introduced sometime in the future? (I guess this may be of use to Echo Spot users too).

Sometimes the album art work does not show, if you go previous track and next track it will appear, this seems to happen in both playlist and playing an album.

Finally I have many tracks with lyrics imbedded in them, will these lyrics be displayed on the Echo Show at some point in time? (Once again I guess this may be of use to Echo Spot users too).

I have to say I saw some "bad" reviews but as it was a free 7 day trial I decided to give it a go. I found the installation very easy and only has a small issue where iTunes playlists did not seem to play. I did however use a workaround of disconnecting from iTunes and using *.m3u playlists and have had no issues since. I have decided to signup for a full year, given the low cost of £4 I have decided to use a higher value subscription than I actually need in the hope that it may help fund some of the changes.
I also can't believe some of the people who complained that they had to pay £4 per year to use their "own" music. The option, as I see it is give Amazon at least £4 per month to use a smaller subset of the music which they offer and you have no control over. For me it's a no brainer but there you go.

Thanks for a great product.
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Re: Playlists on Echo Show and other requests.

Post by bizmodeller »

All really good suggestions that we will work on - thanks. Particularly the selection of playlists, albums, etc as we are finding more and more users are using the Show and Spots. Also might work on the Fire 4K too which would be nice.

As for lyrics, Amazon haven't released an API that would allow us to show these during playback, so unfortunately this is unlikely to be implementable soon.
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