Start multiroom from anywhere

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Start multiroom from anywhere

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Someone mentioned using a dedicated Dot for multiroom speaker control. I didn't see this anywhere so here goes. Take it a step further. I use large playlists. Jazz, Funk, etc. My dedicated device is called Show Main

Here's what you do. Setup your dedicated Echo device. In the Alexa app, create a routine for each playlist. I have "media jazz", "media funk" etc.

NAME media jazz
WHEN YOU SAY media jazz
ALEXA WILL Alexa, ask My Media to play my jazz playlist
FROM Show Main <<<< the name of your dedicated device

I can now say to any Echo device, "media jazz" and the multiroom playing starts

It appears that playlists always start at the beginning so one might also want to issue a Alexa, ask My Media to turn shuffle on. I created a "media shuffle" routine in case the server was restarted.

Would love to see a "resume my playlistname playlist" command! If shuffle is on ignore the starting point.
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