ATV not loading library

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ATV not loading library

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I have installed ihomeserver on windows 8.1 and it seems to crash. When navigating to computers on the apple tv, it just constantly says loading administrators library. Now and then it loads with one or two films showing artwork.

Also what is happening is that when loading ihomeserver console, I get a window appear saying – Oops! Ihomeserver cannot connect to the server. This happens a lot.

I have emailed a copy of the log file already. Please can you help?

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Re: ATV not loading library

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Hi Aaron,

Can I first check you are have installed iHomeServer to run as a Service rather than a Desktop app?

Re the Apple TV issue - please could you temporarily stop the iHomeServer Windows Service and try to run iTunes manually as your Administrator account and check whether you can load the library correctly from your Apple TV. Remember that iHomeServer is an automation layer on top of iTunes so Home Sharing needs to be working successfully within iTunes for it to work under iHomeServer.

Secondly re the "Oops!" message, we did receive your log files, however, only found a single iHomeServer.log whereas we need the full set to diagnose issues where the console can't talk to the server. I'd be grateful if you could therefore zip and email me the full log set as described here - ... _files.htm

The key log files are :

iHomeServer.log, iHomeServer.log.1 to iHomeServer.log.5,
iHomeServerForeground.log, iHomeServerForeground.log.1 to iHomeServerForeground.log.5, and
iHomeServerConsole.log, iHomeServerConsole.log.1 to iHomeServerConsole.log.5

Any problems finding these, just drop us a mail.


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