Store Library in Cloud

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Store Library in Cloud

Post by robertedgar »

Is it possible/practical with iHS to store movies in the cloud.

With MS now offering unlimited storage on OneDrive for free (with a $70 Office365 subscription) it is cost effective to do this and I have read of people doing this with xbmc/plex but I am not sure about iHS/iTunes.

The main problem I think would be in cataloging, i.e. ensuring that iHS doesn't kill the cpu with time consuming / or repetitive reindexing.

The main driver for me is that I am going to be spending 9 months of next year away from 'home' and cloud storage would mean be one less box to have to carry.

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Re: Store Library in Cloud

Post by bizmodeller »

It's a good idea, but unfortunately not sure how practical it is. The difficulty would be streaming the media from OneDrive. iTunes likes media to either be on local / network attached storage or available via streaming HTTP. In both scenarios it likes seeking around the file to pick up metadata so this may not be doable from a OneDrive presented file. Alternatively, if we could get streaming HTTP working from OneDrive, then iTunes doesn't like storing metadata/coverart against URL tracks. So it won't be a very nice user experience. Will have a further think about this though.

iHS v3 offers web streaming, so is there an option of leaving your iTunes library at 'home' and then streaming via our remote web login portal -
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