Optimum Setup Configuration, Particularly around iTunes

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Optimum Setup Configuration, Particularly around iTunes

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Since I don't have a CD/DVD drive on the WHS I have been testing loading CD audio media (& an unprotected DVD video) using my Desktop PC iTunes with a path to the WHS \homeserver\iTunes Music which is also a watch folder on iHomeServer.

I cannot play any of this music on my iPad even though my Apple iPad Remote app can see the track names because I get the following error. I can play the music on the SONOS Play:1 OK. The iPad is on the same account, Home Sharing set to on in the same account etc.

I'm starting to think it might be because I'm loading tracks from the Desktop PC iTunes on the WHS? If so, how do other users load music without a WHS CD/DVD drive - do I need to obtain a USB CD/DVD drive?

Before I load lots of music and videos I wonder if the optimum setup is documented - apologies if I've missed this and need to do more research.

" The song "XXX" could not be played because the original file could not be found"

Documented by another user here and which I've emailed support about to see if there was a solution - I'm sure there is:

My hardware setup is as follows:

HP MediaSmart WHS v1 - all working OK does the backups etc. Does not have a CD/DVD drive.
Win8.1 Laptop
Win8.1 Desktop
iPad 2 x 2
iPhone 5S

M software setup is as follows:
iHomeServer v3.1.76.0 - not registered yet but plan to after playing around with v2 some time ago
iTunes on the WHS v11.0.1.12
iTunes on the Desktop v12.1.2
SONOS Play:1 - with a view to having a couple more devices acknowledging that I should be able to use the iHomeServer web player on port 42050 which I've tested OK

Thank you,
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