Password protection of web access

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Password protection of web access

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Is there any way to setup passowrd protection for the ITUNES WEB ACCESS component of iHome Server? My plan was to do an inbound translation on my firewall and make it internet accessible, but I'd like some authentication as opposed to making it wide-open. Thanks!
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Re: Password protection of web access

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This functionality is already built into iHomeServer via the StreamMyiTunes feature. After you have installed iHomeServer, just browse to and register an account. Once registered, go back into iHomeServer and click the "enable" button next to "stream my itunes - Internet web access". You will then need to renter your streammyitunes credentials which will pair your server with your account.

Pairing complete, you can now log onto and access your ihomeserver web instance.

This model both enforces authentication but also your session is encrypted over HTTPS

For more if o, please see ... ternet.htm

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