Artwork not refreshing

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Artwork not refreshing

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Issue: Artwork is not always updating in a local instance of iTunes after I search and apply updated artwork and meta data using the auto tag feature from the iTunes View > Movies Node.

What I do: After a successful rip I sometimes go in and alter the meta data and artwork of the title recently added. To do so I select Auto Tag from the context menu of a title in the iTunes View tab. With the latest .81 release, the search for the meta data is much faster (thank you). While I see the update applied in the iTunes View tab, I'm getting very inconsistent results from iTunes throughout my house. I'm curious what is really happening when iTunes is showing the artwork.

Why I do it: I'm generally not happy with the first grab of meta data/artwork (smaller artwork, has labels and other DVD box/case-specific accents that I don't want). So I do the cursory search using the Auto Tag from the context menu. When that happens, a better choice seems to appear without all the box extras labels. I double click it and am presented with the Edit Track Metadata properties page at which point I CHECK all boxes with meta data and artwork. It applies in the iTunes View tab as I see the artwork refreshed in the right hand pane under the iHomeServer version information.

Computer 1: Artwork is not updated. (Mac iTunes
Computer 2: Some artwork is updated. (Windows iTunes
iPhone 1: All Artwork appears updated. (Apple Videos App iOS 8.4)

Validation: If I go directly to the server (via RDP) and open iTunes in Interactive Mode to see if iTunes has the updated artwork. It has. If I leave Interactive Mode running and go back to the iTunes View tab and change the artwork again, the change in the local server instance of iTunes is immediate (most of the time). So I know that the server has the latest artwork. Sometimes I see the computers update instantaneously, too.

My assumption: I believe the computers are caching the artwork and not updating each time iTunes is opened. I imagine it would make sense as the data probably doesn't change often from the server so why take the time? Maybe the computers check in every so often and get updates since it appears that it happens. Not sure how it's working. It's consistently inconsistent the results I'm seeing.

Question: Is there a way to force refresh iTunes say when it's loaded? Is there some way to improve this inconsistent behavior?
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