Change Licence Key

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Change Licence Key

Post by Timbrewolf »

Can you advise how to change the license key associated with a iHomeserver installation.

I have 2 valid license keys but have incorrectly installed the same one on 2 machines (rather than one license on each).
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Re: Change Licence Key

Post by bizmodeller »

To change the license key of an existing installation, please follow these instructions:

(these instructions are for Windows 2012 / Windows 8 / Windows 10)

1. Ensure you don't have any iHomeServer Management Console windows open.
2. Use Windows Explorer to Navigate to the iHomeServer data folder, usually "c:\users\[user running iTunes]\AppData\Roaming\iHomeServer (for iTunes)"
3. Look for a file called 'ihomeserver.lic'
4. Rename the file to 'ihomeserver.lic.backup'
5. Restart the iHomeServer Windows Service by:
a. From the Start Menu, find "Administrative Tools" then "Services"
b. Find the 'bizmodeller iHomeServer (for iTunes)' Windows Service'
c. Right-click and choose the 'Restart' option.
6. Open the iHomeServer Management Console and you will see a message confirming your trial has expired.
7. You will now be able to reregister using the correct serial number.

Let us know if you hit any issues with the above procedure. Thanks.
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