Help with "Alexa, ask My Media... " syntax?

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Help with "Alexa, ask My Media... " syntax?

Post by jbiggs »

I have many playlists on my Windows 10 laptop (for use with Windows Media Player) and they are named in this fashion: DL I, DL II, DL III, etc.…DL XXXIV, and I can’t get them to play using Alexa/MyMedia. I know it got loaded into MyMedia because I can see them, so I don’t think a “re-scan” will help or is necessary, I figure it must be a problem with my syntax.

For example, take playlist DL X. I say:
“Alexa, ask MyMedia to play my DL X playlist.”
“Alexa, ask MyMedia to play my DLX playlist.”
“Alexa, ask MyMedia to play my DL Ten playlist.”
No dice, none of these worked.
Any ideas?

Unrelated question:
I’m new to this forum. Should it notify you automatically via email when someone replies to your post or should it be monitored manually (say, every couple days)?

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Re: Help with "Alexa, ask My Media... " syntax?

Post by TomTiddler »

Hi, I'm nothing to do with developers, just a user. I have a similar issue with Playlists. I had several playlists with the same word in all of them (Good Stuff, Stuff Everyone Likes, Ian's Stuff and so on). It would only ever play one of them. Seems like it keys on the first "sound" that's part of a playlist name and selects it, rather than selecting the "most" hits between phrase and playlist name. This may well be an Alexa issue, but in any case, I would avoid using similar sounding names, or names with something in common with other names, and yes it's a PITA!
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Re: Help with "Alexa, ask My Media... " syntax?

Post by GeordieDonkey »

I've had My Media for a few days now and have just purchased it

I set up numerous playlists and not many would play

I had one called Sixties and another called Seventies Etc, when I looked in the Console "Dashboard" in the Heard section and found Sixties was heard as 60s so would never play
I used the override page to change it to Sixties (Yes I could have renamed the playlist)

But this was the problem on mine, Speak your playlists and see what My Media actually hears
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